Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Bedtime Movie Tag

1. A movie that kept you up all night. 
     My family isn't usually one to stay up really late for movies (especially me, because I am SUCH a grump past nine in the evening) but the first time we ever watched Wives and Daughters we began a little later in the evening than usual...and didn't stop until we had finished the entire thing sometime around 2 a.m.

2. A movie that made you scared to sleep.
     I was scarred for life after watching E.T. at age 6 or so. It gave me a paralyzing fear of aliens for years and I DID NOT go to sleep very well after the first time I watched it. While I've gotten over the alien fear, I still don't like E.T. 

3. A movie that made you go to sleep. 
     I actually don't think I've ever fallen asleep during a movie, at least not since I was very little. (In which case I have a vague memory of drowsing at someone's house while Gone With The Wind was on.)

4. A movie that left you tossing and turning all night in anticipation for its release. 
     I was crazy excited when Tangled came out. Embarrassingly so.

5. A movie that has your dream boyfriend/girlfriend ship of two movies. 
     Well, I'm not a big crossover ship person, but I will say this is clearly Clara Oswald time travelling again (or at least it's one of her "echoes") and no one can convince me otherwise:

6. A movie that would be your worst nightmare to live in. 
     I was thinking The Hunger Games because that would be pretty miserable, but most people choose movies like that and honestly, there are a lot of comedy movies that I think would drive me crazy too. Like Napoleon Dynamite (which is funny, but I would go mad if I had to live it)

Actually, just the idea of high school itself is kind of nightmare-ish to me. Instant headache just thinking about it.

7.A movie that reminds you of nighttime.
     Batman Begins, I guess.

8. A movie that has a nightmarish cliffhanger.
     This one is hard, because with most movies I either don't watch them until all the movies are out so the cliffhangers aren't bad, or I've read the book and know how it ends. I'm actually going to go with Thor: The Dark World, not because the ending was nightmarish, but because it was just so maddening.

     9. A movie you actually dreamed about. 
     I'm pretty sure that Star Wars characters have wandered in and out of my dreams multiple times over the years.

     10. A movie monster you wouldn't want to find under your bed. 
     hmmm. Honestly, I don't watch stuff that really scares me. I guess I could go with the mummy from The Mummy. I don't like things you just can't escape from.

     And as that ends the tag, I hereby tag the first five people to comment. So there you go. :)


Kaycee said...

Great post! We have very similar taste in movies. ^_^ And I completely agree with your assessment of the ending of Thor: The Dark World. Ragnarok cannot come soon enough!

Heidi said...

Enjoyed the post!!! And LOVE that Tangled picture.

And... I guess I'm commenting fairly early, which means I'm most probably tagged(?), so I suppose I'll wait to share my thoughts/agreement on Wives and Daughters as it'll be appearing on mine as well. ;)

Emma, Plain and Tall said...

I don't like E.T. either. ;-P

Napoleon Dynamite! *bursts out laughing* I actually haven't seen it, but my cousins and I have been joking about it all summer, so I kind of know what it's about. It sounds terribly ridiculous to me.

Madeline Osigian said...

Oh, this is fun! Joining in. But my post won't go live until November because I am going Write 31 Days every day in October.

Emma Nikki said...

I've only been hanging around here for a couple of weeks, but this looks fun. I'll do it!

Lydia Scott said...

It was fun to read your answers! I really enjoyed Wives and Daughters too!

Hamlette said...

I don't like E.T. either!

And Tangled... I just saw it for the first time about a year ago, and fell in love with it. How I wish I'd seen it in the theater!

Yes, Thor:TDW has a dreadful ending. I'm quite worried about Ragnarok.

Heidi said...

Feel free to fill it out or not as you have time/if you're interested, but I just tagged you here: If you do it, enjoy! ;)

(And I'm hoping to get my answers for the bedtime movie tag up next week...)

Sarah Rega said...

Loved all these! What a great post! :)

Madeline Osigian said...

Here it is! :)

Miss E said...

Oooooh yes about the Clara echo! My friends a huge fan of that franchise and when she showed me those movies I was like "It's ClllllAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARAA" Her "Who?! Me: *Cracks up*

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