Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Elise's Playlist

     Vintage photos of female starlets and musical icons chilling with their turntables | Dangerous Minds:

     I've always been a little jealous of those authors who can write while listening to music. I, unfortunately, cannot. (I'm currently trying to write this post while listening to Mumford & Sons...as a result, ya'll will be lucky if this is even coherent) I simply cannot focus with background noise :(

     However, that doesn't mean music isn't an important part of my writing process- there have been several songs that have actually inspired stories (or specific scenes) and often I'll put together playlists that I'll listen to before my writing time just to get me in the mood for the story.

     Thus, For Elise definitely has a playlist...and here it is. :)

In the Mood//Glenn Miller Orchestra
Sing, Sing, Sing//Benny Goodman Orchestra
The Last Time I Saw Paris//Johnny Desmond
The Way You Look Tonight//Frank Sinatra
Take the “A” Train//Duke Ellington Band
Bei Mer Bist Du Schoen//The Andrews Sisters
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy//The Andrew Sisters
It’s Only a Paper Moon//Glenn Miller Orchestra
Beyond the Sea//Bobby Darin
Come Fly With Me//Frank Sinatra
Swinging on a Star//Bing Crosby
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive//The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby
L-O-V-E// Nat King Cole
Haven’t Met You Yet//Michael Bublé

And don't forget: the giveaway for For Elise is open until this Friday! 


isaacbenjamin said...

Interesting playlist. I also have trouble writing to background noise. But some music helps me focus. I wrote "Welcome aboard Captain" to Van Canto, Enya and Lindsey Stirling. It is a short piece of fiction on my blog. Nice, coherent post.

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Oh, goodness - after reading that playlist I'm off to enter the giveaway. :) That's my style of music.

Naomi Bennet said...

Andrew Sisters? Glenn Miller? Ahhh. I want to read this now.

Ekaterina said...

This looks like a fun playlist! I've heard most of the songs, but I haven't heard a couple of them that sound really interesting, especially Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.

I also can't listen to music most of the time while writing and if I do, the music has to be only instruments, no vocals. I don't know why but voices really make me lose focus.

Kelsey Carnes said...

Aaah! I love this! Some of these are actually ones I imagined they danced to when I was reading. :D

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