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Top Ten Childhood Characters You'd Love to Revisit As Adults

     Two Top Ten Tuesdays in a row! Most of these answers are actually from children’s books, because, believe it or not, most child protagonists are from children’s books. Who would have thought? Anyway, I loved this topic (though I have a feeling some of my answers will be common among my fellow bloggers) so here is a list, in no particular order, of child characters I’d love to see as adults.

Ten Childhood Characters I'd Love To Revisit As Adults

#1 Pretty much every American Girl ever.

I could actually fill up this entire list with Felicity, Samantha, Kit, Addy, Josephina, Molly, and the rest of those delightful girls I grew up with. Seriously. (Especially Felicity and Samantha. I mean, the American Revolution is only starting in the Felicity books- there’s a whole lot of material for more adventures! And I totally have a headcannon that Samantha was on the Titanic. But what else ensued while she was aboard, I don’t quite know.)

#2 Mary Lennox
Does she marry Dickon? What about Colin’s relationship with his father? Do Colin, Dickon, and Mary get involved in World War I? I need to know these things.

#3 Shasta/Cor & Aravis

Well, we know they eventually got married, but I’d love to see what their lives ended up being like five, ten, fifteen years after the end of The Horse and His Boy. I bet their courtship was hilarious.

#4 Sara Crewe
Another heroine of Frances Hodgson Burnett, I really want to know what happens to her—and the other girls at Miss Minchin’s.

#5 Tom Sawyer
Actually, on second thought, do I really want to know?

#6 Ramona Quimby
One of my childhood favorites. I always loved the Quimby family and want to know what other sort of mischief an older Ramona would get into.

#7 Junie B. Jones
Another I grew up with, thanks to my second grade teacher who read them aloud to us in class.

#8 Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire

Because I need to know what happens after “The End.” (Incidentally, is anyone else ridiculously excited for the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series coming out??? I might get Netflix just to watch it)

#9 Flavia de Luce
The one character from an adult novel on the list, this is a (very) new heroine to me. Having only read the first book, I’m not sure what I think about this series as a whole, but Flavia is definitely an interesting character…

The Boxcar Children
Mainly because I'm just bitter that there were SO MANY DOGGONE BOOKS but none of the kids ever seemed to get any older?

     Thanks to this topic, I have now been inspired to write slews of fanfiction now (or at least go looking for some). Also, I have just realized while writing this list that there is a huge absence of Louisa May Alcott characters, due to her tendency to write about characters’ childhoods and their adult lives. Thank you very much for that, Miss Alcott. It is appreciated. 


Stephanie Leland said...

I put down Ramona as well! I feel like she ended up a super quirky adult, and I want to see that. As for Tom Sawyer, I'm pretty sure he ended up an adorable, notorious con artist. I would love a series about his grown up adventures.

How you felt about the Boxcar kids was my same feeling about the Babysitter's club. I wanted to see them get older, start high school, think about the future. I mean why not, the Sweet Valley Twins did it.

Morgan Huneke said...

Boxcar Children did get older through book 19 (I think it was 19). Then they went back to their original ages because Gertrude Chandler Warner was no longer actually writing them. So annoying. Also annoying, how Soo Lee was sometimes older than Benny and sometimes younger. :P

I'd like to know what happened to a lot of these characters later too.

Lady Nefertankh said...

Fantastic list! Your list overlaps a lot with my own! Though I would probably have some characters from Edith Nesbit, who wrote "Five Children and It" and "The Enchanted Castle". Maybe Mowgli from "The Jungle Book" as well!

I read somewhere that Tom Sawyer would probably be a really interesting adult. No longer going in for his childhood trouble making, he and Huck Finn might try to help kids like themselves, or support abolitionism! Since one of their friends was a former slave.

Unfortunately, with most of these, I guess we'll never know, but like you said, that's what fanfiction is for! ;)

Ashley Elliott said...

Oh my gosh YAAAASSSSSSS. I've been wanting to write an American Girl Adult AU fanfic for *years*. (I actually told a younger friend of mine and she STOLE MY IDEA. Ugh. But she was like 12 and it didn't end up being any good so I feel like I can still do it at some point, lolz.) I think there's just a HUGE market for that because most of the girls who grew up with the dolls are older and would probably love to indulge in a little nostalgia!

And yes yes yes to EVERYONE else - especially the Boxcar Children. No idea what happened to them after the series ended!


Hayden said...

Stephanie: I know! I adored Ramona as a kid, and she probably *would* grow up to be pretty quirky :)

Morgan: Thanks! I *thought* something like that happened because I seemed to remember time actually passing by in the books and then suddenly it was like "nevermind, the kids will always exist in a time bubble" :/

Lady Nefertankh: Sadly, I haven't read many of Edith Nesbit's books (only The Railway Children) but I should really look into more of them! And I hadn't thought about Tom Sawyer in that way before, but you're probably right :) Maybe he *can* grow up into a somewhat responsible adult, haha.

Ashley: GO WRITE ME THAT FANFICTION RIGHT NOW...please. :) I actually did look up some AG fic on fanfiction.net, but there really wasn't that much, and a lot of it was for the "newer" girls. I guess both of us will have to work on changing that, haha :)

Ashley Elliott said...

OKAY. XD I will if you will. ; )

IloveHeartlandX said...

I didn't have the Baudelaires on my list this week, but I am ridiculously excited for the Netflix series!
My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/top-ten-tuesday-55/

Got My Book said...

Lots of people have included the Pevensies but you're the first I've read to include Aravis & Shasta/Cor. I think it would also be hilarious to read about Cor and Corin's relationship beyond the little blurb we got.

Check out: My List

Ashley said...

Ooooh the American Girl books were my life. I would love it if someone did a series on them as an adult/older teen!
Have you read Wishing for Tomorrow? It's basically a sequel to The Little Princess (But not by Burnett). It covers mostly the other girls at the boarding school, but I loved it so much. (I was like 13 tho so that doesn't really mean anything...)
I have a love/hate relationship with the Boxcar children. I enjoyed them as an elementary schooler, but as you said, there were so many books and nothing changed and it was redundant and meh.
I need to get some fanfic myself now!

Hayden said...

Eeeks! Sorry it's taken me like, a month to reply to these!

IloveHeartlandX: glad to know I'm not the only one excited for it! Can't wait :)

Got My Book: I know- wouldn't it be great? The Horse and His Boy has always been my favorite Narnia book. I've always loved those two characters. :)

Ashley- I actually do think I read Wishing For Tomorrow years ago, but I don't remember it very well. I might just have to search for it in the library for a re-read!

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