Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I'm Working On, Summer 2016

Bushnell park, late 1800s:      It's been some time since I've done any kind of update on my writing, so I thought I'd share a little bit on what I'm working on this summer. I've joked that I'm pretty much just going to lock myself in my room for the next three months and type away, but I don't think my family would stand for that. Besides, I had to leave the house to go see Captain America: Civil War, anyway, so I've already failed. ;)

     Perhaps my largest summer project is the work I'm doing on my next novel, Philippa (title of which is very subject to change). I'm in my first round of major revisions. It's a bit like Hidden Pearls in the fact that it is probably rather "Christian-fiction-ish." It's sort of a slice of life story about Christian people in everyday (if historical) circumstances. No pirates, sadly, but it does have pickpockets. And kittens. So that's something.

As well as being an utterly gorgeous triple threat, Louise Brooks was also a star of numerous silent films, and apparently singlehandedly popularized the bob haircut. It sure did look good on her!:      I'm also hoping to finish a novella retelling of Snow White this summer. I started it over a year ago but got stuck on a plot point which I've since untangled, thank goodness. It's going to be a longish novella, but still much shorter than a novel, so I think this could be my next published work...I'm thinking if all goes well I can release it with the new year. It's set during the 20s, too, which means I can listen to a bunch of highly awesome jazz music to get in the mood for it.

     Speaking of shorter stories, I have a whole list of ones that I'm working on, and probably will continue to work on throughout the school year. My long term goal is to collect them and then publish two (loosely) themed collections of short stories and novellas, one of which would include a print version of For Elise.

     And lastly, I've started on a fantasy series. I adore my plot and characters, but sadly everything collapses any time I put pen to paper. This might be because fantasy is a genre still new to me (writing it, I mean- I've read plenty) but this story has definitely been a problem child.


     Anyway, these projects are my immediate future. I'm most optimistic about the first two, since I think I can really make some headway on them. Of course, I'm not sure how active I'll be on the internet because of it, so I apologize in advance. Does anyone else have grand writing plans for the summer?


Maria Maggio said...

Oh wow! You've got a lot of writing planned...I can't wait to read your next stories!

Plans? Um, well, my lofty goal this summer is to actually pick up a pen and write (or sit and type...) at least once. Summer is going to be very busy for me, so I'm sticking with a small goal and hoping that will spur me on to higher goals.

Hamlette said...

Wow, look at you go!

I'm reading "For Elise" right now, in little bits and pieces here and there. Hope to finish it before long! I'm reading it on my phone, though, so it's sort of my "when I'm out somewhere and need to kill a bit of time" reading. It's very fun so far!

E.F.B. said...

Oooooh, I wanna read that Snow White retelling! Write like the wind! ;D

My writing plans for the summer pretty much look like my writing plans for all the time since I graduated college last year and don't have a formal job. So glad I don't have to balance literally everything with schoolwork anymore!!!

My main goal is to simply make progress and actually finish something...ANYTHING before the end of the year. Sometimes I feel like the slowest writer ever. *sigh* But I try to remind myself that I only started writing fiction in any form in 2014, and had no previous experience outside of two short stories I was assigned in middle school. PLUS, I had to balance my writing with college for two years, so I should really stop being so hard on myself and just let myself learn as I go. Well...things have being going better since I FINALLY learned to outline recently, so at least there is that. My current WIPs are a full length fantasy novel and a Sleeping Beauty retelling that will probably be novella length. Which one gets finished first will depend on which one is the most forthcoming with ideas.

Savannah Perran said...

Ooo, you're writing a Snow White re-telling? That's really cool, so am I :D.

Joanne Bischof said...

Happy writing, Hayden! All your stories sound intriguing and I'm especially curious about your Snow White retelling. That sounds like a fun one!

Hayden said...

Maria: Hey, small goals are always good! my own writing plans haven't been going quite as well as I'd hoped, but I *am* making progress!

Hamlette: Oh, thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

E.F.B.: haha- that Snow White story is definitely a piece of work, but I'm getting there. Good luck on your stories! I'm always excited to hear about more fairy tale retellings :)

Savannah: Thanks! Good luck on yours; Fairy tale retellings are always fun!

Joanne: Thanks! I'm hoping it will turn out all right, but it is definitely requiring a bunch of research :)

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