Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Pinterest Storyboard Party

     Elisabeth Grace Foley is holding a Pinterest Storyboard Party, and as I am constantly making Pinterest storyboards for my novels (it's one of the first things I do in planning stages) I couldn't help but join in. Unfortunately for the party, almost all of my Pinterest boards for my unfinished novels are kept secret until a month or so before their release, so these are for the novels that have already been published.

     With Blossoms Gold's mood was inspired by Renaissance paintings, brocade fabrics, gardens and flowers, damp catacombs, Shakespeare's plays (specifically Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice), a random de'Medici documentary I watched for research, and the costumes of Ever After.

     I loved making this board for For Elise. Its contemporary setting, dash of 1940s nostalgia, and setting of a Victorian mansion meant it was a fun board to put together.

     The Wulver's Rose remains one of my favorite storyboards-partly because I love the gloomy mists of the Scottish landscape. You might also notice a few elements that didn't quite make it into the final book. One day, depending on publishing rights, I'd love to re-add some of those scenes to the novella and expand it unto a full length novel. Of course, I don't have much hope of that happening (even if I did have the opportunity, I have too many other things to work on) but it's a nice thought. :)

     I hope you enjoyed these! If you'd like, you can join the party too! Find more about it here.


Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Since I've read all these stories, I can appreciate your boards on two levels! :) It's fun spotting the familiar elements in the pictures, and getting to see the settings that inspired the stories.

Thanks so much for joining the party!

Madeline Osigian said...

Gorgeous boards!!!

Olivia Fisher said...

I love your Pinterest boards! And I think The Wulver's Rose is one of my favourites -- both story- and Pinterest-wise. The misty moors of Scotland do add so much mystery to it! :)


Hamlette said...

Now I'm going to have to read With Blossoms Gold all over again because... Luke Evans. I can't for the life of me remember which guy Benedict was. And besides, I loved that story :-)

Hayden said...

Elisabeth: Thanks so much for putting it together! I love seeing everyone's boards :D

Madeline: Thank you!

Live: Thanks! I loved pinning those pictures. It made me want to pack up and move to Scotland. :D

Hamlette: haha! Hopefully it stands up to a re-read ;)

Ekaterina said...

Although, I have followed your blog for many years, I am ashamed to say I have not read one of your novels. From looking at the story boards, though, I have to say that With Blossoms Gold and For Elise are definitely on my wish list now. I don't have a kindle, but is there a way to read For Elise without a kindle?

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