Monday, March 27, 2017

graze review

     I now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a post of a different sort than what I usually pen: a product review. It's not book related, but it's almost as good. It's food related.

     I had heard of graze through a commercial on TV, and since you can get a sample box for free, I wondered, "why not?" I love free food. I am the free sample queen. I know when the most free samples are at the mall, and I'm pretty sure by this point the free sample man at the Japanese food kiosk knows my face. I see him a lot.

     ANYWAY....graze is a company that claims to send healthy, delicious snack food right to your door. Each box (with 8 containers of single-serving snacks) are $13.99. Personally, I find this a bit expensive, since I think the serving size is pretty small (it comes to about $1.74 per snack package) but then I remember how much money I spend at the vending machine and the cafe at school and it doesn't seem quite so bad. And then I wince at how many of my dollars go to junk food. EITHER WAY IT'S BAD :/

my graze box

     As far as graze goes, you don't exactly have control over what they send; they have a large selection of snacks that you can rate as "Love It," "Like It," "Try It," and "Trash It." The level of love/like you choose makes a difference of how often they send you that flavor, while if you rate something as "trash it," you won't ever get sent that flavor at all. You can rate things before you try them, too, so from the start they have a better understanding of what you'd like. (For instance, I trashed anything that had raisins in it because raisins are gross.) They also have a lot of options for people with allergies, too, and you can select an all-sweet box, an all-savory, and a few other varieties.

For my sample box, I got four flavors:

Cranberry & Hazelnut toasts with Cocoa Dip
Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie
Sesame Garlic Crunch
Sweet Memphis BBQ

     I was a little sad that I didn't get any of their granola bars (which, being a British company, they call flapjacks) but overall I was pleased with the choices they sent me.

     The Cranberry & Hazelnut toasts were pretty good, although I was disappointed at how few were in the box! The chocolate dipping sauce was also pretty tasty, and since it had been in a warm mailbox, I didn't even have to heat it up. (Depending on what snack you get, though, that could definitely be a bad thing.)

     Frankly, I was disappointed with the Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie. Taking a handful of the mix and eating it at once it was actually all right, but each individual item didn't taste particularly good. (especially the vanilla fudge, which was rather odd)

     I was surprised by how much I like the savory selections, since I thought I'd be more drawn to the sweet. Sweet Memphis barbecue was kind of addicting, and I clicked "love" on that one after I tried it.

     The Sesame Garlic crunch was a bite more bland, and had more of that "healthy," whole-wheat taste. But even so I ate it up, and I think it grew on me after awhile- I'd definitely want to get some again.

     Even though I'm pretty sure each snack package is supposed to be one serving, I ate all four in one sitting (granted, I shared with my family, but the high majority of the food was gobbled up by yours truly). I definitely would say a serving is really more like two packages than one. Not so much the trail mix, but there were only four or five tiny hazelnut toasts! (can you tell I'm sad over this?) Overall, though, it is a nice surprise to find in the mail, and personally I think a lot of the fun is wondering what kind of treat you'll get next....I'm just still not quite sure the price is worth it.

     Now, I'm off to find more free food....

(By the way: if you are going to try it, use the code 7XL9NVVFP at the checkout, and you'll get your first and fifth box free...and I'll get rewards too! So see, we all win)


Olivia Fisher said...

O.0 Free samples... food from British people... I MUST LOOK INTO DIS.

Hamlette said...

I get those ads for trying a free box too, but never have tried one. Maybe I should! Small portions would be good for my kids.

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