Monday, April 17, 2017

5 Things I Thought I'd Love (But Didn't)

The Novels of the Brontë Sisters

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In which you can totally see that Branwell painted himself out of the picture, which I completely understand. I've done the same thing.
     After I was introduced to Jane Austen’s novels, Charlotte Brontë’s works seemed the next logical step. But the fact remains that even if I can appreciate some things about books like Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights or Agnes Grey, the Brontës and I aren’t exactly kindred spirits. They tend to irritate me. That being said, I did (sort of) enjoy reading Villette for class this semester, so...I guess they get better on multiple readings? I don't think I'll ever love them, but I can at least admit that some of their writing is very good.

This raspberry and rosewater truffle from Godiva.

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I thought the rosewater flavor sounded so elegant and refined.

No. It tastes like perfume. One of the grossest things I have ever put into my mouth.

Don’t do it.

The Emily of New Moon Series

     I have always loved Anne of Green Gables, and L.M. Montgomery continues to be a favorite author. I thought I’d love these books, given that they are about a writer. But…I don’t. Even if Emily and I share some very distinct personality traits, I find her annoying. Even more annoying is the love story. I WANTED TO PULL OUT MY HAIR. I just…don’t like Emily. AND IT ANNOYS ME THAT I DON’T.

But what can ya do. :/

Ever After

So many pretty clothes in this movie, though.
     I have a vague (but perhaps false) memory of watching this movie at a young age. However, I didn’t rediscover it until later in my late teens, and I wondered why on earth I hadn’t thought to watch it earlier. I mean, fairy tales + Renaissance? Why on earth hadn’t I watched it before? Excited that there was a movie I was sure would become one of my new favorites, I watched it…and felt very much let down. I didn’t hate it exactly, I just felt indifferent to it. And the ending kind of ruined it for me, more of a “haha the stepmother gets it” rather than the forgiveness that I think, quite frankly, makes the new Disney version of Cinderella better. Ever After might be the more serious, realistic movie of the two, but it makes the core of the story lose its impact. Not that the movie is entirely bad (I mean, the scene where Danielle picks up the prince makes me laugh, after all. And the scenery and “feel” of the movie was one that helped inspire With Blossoms Gold) but it’s not one I feel the need to re-watch.  Definitely “meh” for me. I would be more specific with my complaints, but it’s been a few years now since I watched it. I just remember being disappointed.

Sleepless in Seattle

     I am not one for chick flicks, to be honest. I’ve only seen a few, and I’ve liked even fewer. One of those in the latter category is You’ve Got Mail. Since I enjoy that one so much, I thought I’d like Sleepless in Seattle, too. Everyone always lumps those two movies together and I just assumed if I liked one, I’d like the other.


     Other than the fact it had a lot more content issues than You’ve Got Mail did, I just…didn’t enjoy the story line? The two leads barely interact, and I felt like I was waiting the entire movie for the “good part” of the film that never arrived. Really the only positive thing I can say about it that it’s the only movie I’ve seen Meg Ryan in where I like her hair. I get serious hair envy over that French braid of hers. Why couldn't her hair have looked like that in Kate and Leopold?

Anyway, life is full of disappointments, and thankfully these were generally pretty frivolous ones. Anything you thought you'd love but ended up...not liking?

(Also, hopefully I will have a post of things I thought I'd hate, but didn't. That should be more uplifting, true?)

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Lissy said...

I thought I'd like the Hobbit movies. Peter Jackson did a fairly solid job with LoTR. But he totally BUTCHERED The Hobbit. It was soooooooo painful. So painful. Deep and bitter regret filled my entire being. Why did mine eyes have to look upon such rubbish? Why???

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