Thursday, June 1, 2017

Announcing...Five Poisoned Apples!

     Rooglewood's fairy tale contests are very dear to my heart. This is not only because The Wulver's Rose was included in Five Enchanted Roses (although that's a large part!) but also because I love the chance it gives to writers, especially self-published ones, to spread their wings. And of course, I love fairy tales. This year's collection is centered around what many of us assumed would be the next fairy tale: Snow White. Yet, I have to say that the cover for this one is even lovelier than I imagined! It might be my favorite of the covers they've done.

As this is going to be Rooglewood's last (*sniff sniff*) Fairy Tale Contest collection, I have high hopes that the winners will blow me away with their takes on this fairy tale! You can find the contest rules here. Good luck!


Olivia Fisher said...

I'm so, so excited for this year's contest! But, naturally, also a bit saddened that it's the last one.

I can't wait to read this collection when it releases! <3


Hamlette said...

I agree! I thought nothing could top the cover for Five Magic Spindles, but this does.

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