Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Story Weaknesses

     We all have our story weaknesses. It could be a word or a theme or a time period, and as soon as we see those in a synopsis or description, we're immediately bamboozled into buying whatever movie, book, or video game promises these fixes. Me? Well, I've got a few...

Adventure fiction

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     I mean your good old-fashioned, classic, slightly cheesy, maybe a little melodramatic but always swashbuckling fare. Think Indiana Jones or The Mummy in paperback form. (which, by the way, are fantastically entertaining because they are so clearly inspired by the very books I'm talking about.)

Novels like:

The Lost World

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

King Solomon's Mines

The Scarlet Pimpernel

John Carter of Mars

The Mark of Zorro

Captain Blood


     They are just so fun. Anything with archaeology + danger is my favorite thing, unless it's extinct-creatures-that-surprise!-aren't-quite-as-extinct-as-we-thought, which is also my favorite thing. And don't get me started on vigilante heroes in disguise, which is really a big weakness. Also, twist reveals and vintage-but-futuristic technology are some of my favorite aspects of such novels as well. They don't make 'em like these anymore. (also why I have zilch interest in the new Mummy movie, because what is the point if it's not set in the 1920s and full of delightful cheesiness? Why mess with perfection?)

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Crazy-Thick Victorian Novels

     Oh, the long sentences and the gloriously improbable coincidences and the heavy doses of morality. Also, there is a heavier dosage of snark than most people give them credit for. I love it. (also, the below gif is from Cranford, which is possibly my favorite period drama, but also possibly one of my least favorite Victorian novels, so go figure.)

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Anything Art Deco + British

     I prefer my 1920s and 30s glam with a dash of murder. Or a silver cow creamer. I'm not picky.

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     But adding a British accent or two, well, that just makes it better.

Fairy Tales

     Probably pretty obvious from my published writing. Beauty and the Beast will always be my favorite above all favorites, but there are so many other good ones: Rapunzel, King Thrushbeard, The Wild Swans, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella...the list goes on and on and I will probably keep reading them forever.

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What are your story weaknesses?


Hamlette said...

I have lots of themes and so on that will automatically draw me in. Westerns -- I'll be interested in just about anything solely because it's based in the Old West. And I get pulled in by superheroes just about automatically. Stories about siblings are big with me. Stories about con artists, for some reason -- I just love those. And anything that involves WWII piques my interest.

Abbey said...

Let me just give a hearty YES! Adventure, YES. Victorian novels, YES. Britishy goodness, YES. Fairy tales are growing on me (not that I ever disliked them... they just never snagged me in the same way that, say, Star Trek did). In addition, anything sci-fi makes my heart flutter.

Hamlette said...

Also, I tagged you with the Four Fictional Characters tag :-) Play if you want to!

Madeline J. Rose said...

I love adventure fiction too!! And fairy-tales are very much a weakness for me too. XD

I would say one of my weaknesses is magical realism. It's so fun to see magic in a modern setting. I haven't seen many books in this setting, but when I do, I gobble them up. ;)

OldFashionGirl said...

Oh Hayden, I laughed so hard at the 'silver cow creamer' bit. Such an iconic plot line from Jeeves and Wooster. Storylines involving gardens usually get me. I love a good old creep classic too, think Nathanial Hawthorne. Take care.

Faith said...

Story weaknesses! Great article!

Wow, I have so many story weaknesses lol!! Adventure Fiction is definitely one of my biggest. I adore movies/books like that. Fairytales is another absolute yes! Another story weakness would be the marriage of convenience/fake dating trope. If it has it, I'm probably going to check it out hehe. :D

isaacbenjamin said...

My story weaknesses...Right now good fairy tale retellings, any story inspired by the trend of low-poly art games. Deserts, for some reason I am drawn to deserts. Dry wastes strewn with bones of giant creatures and the rusting remains of rocket ships. Deserts can have so much color, such big horizons and glorious sunsets. Another story weakness is summer childhood stuff. Honestly anything that reads like great art looks. Old style pulp fiction, 1950's suburban life...I could go on and on.

Cait @ Paper Fury said...

Oh yes! I'm a complete sucker for fairy tales too! I particularly like ones that give new fresh twists to the old tales. And like classic retellings?!? Or mythology!? IT'S SO EXCITING. I WANT TO READ IT ALL FOR SURE. XD Another of my weaknesses is definitely magic, dragons, and sassy thieves. :D

Kate Marie said...

I used to love Zorro as a little girl!!! And ALL THE YES to Thick Victorian Novels With Snark. So underrated. The Cranford gif was hilarious, too. :) Fairy tales are always a winner!!!

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