Saturday, June 3, 2017

What I've Been Up To


     I've finally gotten back into the habit. It took me much longer than I was expecting, since I've done zilch since December. I had to come to terms with the fact that I just wasn't getting anywhere with the stories I had it in my head to work on this summer. Once I opened myself up to possibly working on something else, everything has been going a lot more smoothly. It is bad news for those of you who've been curious about my next fairy tale retellings, though! Sorry. :/ But, if you like just straight-up historical novels, I'm working on something just for you.


     I knew I wanted to work on this over the summer, and I have- plus, I've just opened an etsy shop to sell some of it! If you are interested, you can check out my shop here. This is really my only job this summer, so I'm hoping I can actually make some decent money off of it, but I've never intently pursued this before, so we'll see how it goes.


Image result for the flash

     I enjoy watching TV while working on aforesaid embroidery, and since I've gotten Netflix, a whole new world of options has opened up. Mainly I've been keeping up with DC's superhero lineup, Agents of Shield, and I kind of binged watched Terra Nova (Which sadly only had one season. I'm very bitter about it). I also recently started White Collar, which I'm loving. SO MUCH FRIENDSHIP. (and, ya know, thieves.)


     I recently finished my first Anthony Trollope novel, which I liked much more than I expected (judging from The Warden's synopsis, I didn't think it'd be half so interesting as it was) and I'm about to start Rudyard Kipling's Kim. I also just checked out a load of YA novels from the library, which I'm looking forward to, and finished my first comic collection. I like the idea of comics, but I've just never gotten in to them, but I'm really going to try this summer.


     No, not me! But the month of May was pretty much taken up with preparations for my brother Harrison's graduation from high school. I stole the above picture from his instagram, but then I think he stole this picture from my phone in the first place, so I guess we're even.


     My family and I moved about two months ago, but a lot of our stuff has still been in storage, and now that the smoke has cleared from finals and graduation, we've been bringing stuff in little by little. I've gotten most of my books out (though I'm still waiting on a box or two) and so I've had a lot of fun--and frustration!--shelving and re-shelving my books. I've also purged a good box of them from said shelf, and am trying to figure out a way to get rid of them. I've traded books in at my local used bookstore before, but they don't really give you cash (only credits to get their books) and I just don't have room for more books right now! I was selling a few of them through Amazon, but they charge so much in fees I think I literally earned about a cent after selling my last two. So if anybody knows of a good retailer that you can sell used books to, I'd be happy to listen. If all else fails, I guess I could go the ebay route.


     I got an instagram! I mostly just post pictures of books, because books are pretty and I love them. All of this post's pictures (except for the Flash) is from my account.

And that's pretty much what my last month has looked like. How about you? Was your May as busy as mine was?


Olivia Fisher said...

It sounds like a wonderfully busy May! :D

I have five more days until summer! I can't wait to be finished!


Madeline J. Rose said...

Ooh, you're Etsy shop looks great! I hope make a little money this summer. :)

Yay for your brother!! Congratulations! ^_^

Those are such pretty classic editions! :D I have a few like that, but yours are gorgeous! <3

Hamlette said...

I love Kim, and Agents of SHIELD is the only current show I watch. Just felt like sharing that :-)

Classic Girl said...

oh my goodness your embroidery is amazing!!

Arielle Melody (Muffin) Bailey said...

I know the feeling of planning to work on one thing and needing to switch to another. Here's hoping the writing continues to go well for you!

Pretty embroidery!


Trollope was surprisingly less heavy than I had expected as well. I wouldn't put him on my list of favorite authors, yet, but I did enjoy reading the first two books in the Barchester series.

Congratulations to your brother!

Instagram is a lot of fun... when I remember to use it, ahem.

Great to see a post from you, Hayden!

Emily Ann Putzke said...

The paperback of "With Blossoms Gold" looks awesome!! And your Etsy shop is so beautiful! I hope you get a lot of sales this summer!

Hayden said...

Liv: Enjoy your summer! I am certainly more thankful for them since college, haha :)

Madeline: Thank you! I've been collecting my Barnes and Noble editions for about 7 years now, so I finally have enough to fill an entire shelf on my bookshelf :)

Hamlette: Well, I'm glad you did! I enjoy Agents of Shield, but this last season was so stressful and frustrating for me! I'm really looking forward to next season, though.

Classic Girl: Thank you!

Arielle: I've totally fallen in love with White Collar- I finished the second season and love all of the characters. I'm just hoping that it *stays* good....

Thanks! I'm trying to get back into blogging this summer, as well.

Emily: Thank you!

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